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Within a few months of arriving, I already felt settled in to my daily lifestyle in this small town. I’ve come to understand why many people who come to Lobitos end up staying for much longer than expected. Here are a few ways in which living in Lobitos leaves you wanting more:


1. In Lobitos, you can expect amazing sunset /// One of the great things about the coast is that it faces west, meaning that the sun sets over the ocean. This always spells for spectacular views, and or an even more special experience if you are surfing great waves until sun down.

2. You can also expect great star gazing //  Lobitos is a quiet place at night so wondering to the beach when there is a cloudless will leave an indelible impression on your time here. The occasional shooting star can be expected as well.

3. Learning to recognise the sounds of the incoming moto of the bread man with his goods to sell/// If you don’t recognise the sound of his motorcycle, he has a large horn as well. More importantly you can look forward to his assortment of pastries and sweet breads that he carries in a large basket strapped on the back of his bike.

4. You really have to make the most of the waves here // For any level of surfer, there will be something fun for you. At all times though, its most important to remember not go in over your head, for your own safety and for those around you.

5. And the fish as well // You can go to the town’s pier in the morning to get the best catches. For an even fresher experience you can take a trip in the boat yourself to catch your fish with some of the local fisherman, they’ll even make you ceviche on board!

6. Lobitos has an interesting mix of people// You have people who have been there for their whole lives, those who have fallen for the Lobitos lifestyle and stay for as long as possible, and those passing through for short periods of times. Its a mix of local, national and international in a small community, which you can get to know very well.

7. The ceviche// You won’t find it better nor fresher anywhere else. Appreciating the fish here is already on the list, but the ceviche deserves its own spot on this list.

8. It doesn’t take long to settle here// My first few days felt very surreal, everything was new; the weather, the landscape, and the people. At the beginning I really did miss some of my European comforts, including a hot shower, a nice cup of tea and some english biscuits, but all in all its it doesn’t take very long to settle into a nice routine here. Waking up early comes naturally here and feels wonderful in relation to the morning rush to university that I used to have normally.