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Who we are

High Tides International is a Canadian non-profit organization whose mission is to provide an outlet for education, creativity and self-exploration in communities where resources are needed. Our current area of focus is Northern Peru. We have opened two community centers in the town of Lobitos through which we run our programs: Girls Club, yoga classes, and a library.  We have goals of being able to offer post secondary scholarships to local youth, and to complete a pool restoration project to be able to offer community swimming lessons for people of all ages.

We believe that through these programs we can help individuals grow up to be healthy, have access to higher education, the tools to reach their full potential and meet their personal goals. Throughout the past two years these programs have organically come together from the help of engaged community members and foreign residents of Lobitos alike. We found that it was about time to formally recognize these programs and their outgoing and creative participants.

Our hopes for the future are that these programs can be shared and expanded into neighboring towns of Lobitos. To find out more about collaborating with us, get in touch.

A little about Lobitos
Lobitos is a small town with a big history. Located in desert of the Peruvian north coast, Lobitos was first put on the map for its abundant petrol supply, and is now becoming an increasingly popular surf destination. With off shore winds, various breaks and frequent swell, it’s the perfect place for a surf holiday. To get to know the Lobitos surf and history a little better we recommend checking out Intrepid Surfer, they say it best.