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Biblioteca Lobitos

In partnership with Libros a Lobitos, we run and operate a library for children and youth in Lobitos. The library is separated into two spaces, one in the center of town for primary school children, and one just in front of the beach adjacent to a hotel, for older students and adults. We offer a wide selection of books for beginners to advanced readers. In addition to having books on the shelves, we run different activities to get students excited about reading and languages. For the younger ones we have story time which not only involves reading but also, crafts, coloring, mazes, and other creative/ critical thinking activities.

For the older participants we allow them to borrow books to read at home. Our focus is on the niños, however we’ve received many donations from travellers which have left us with books in English, Spanish, German, and French. Visitors are welcome to borrow a book during their stay in Lobitos, we only ask a S/.5 donation per book,  and a s/.20 deposit which is returned to the reader when their bring the book back.